Welcome to my little slice of creative heaven!

On my website you will find lots of creative ideas like:

  • writing advice for aspiring novelists and poets
  • how to grow your own food
  • lots of yummy recipes
  • some yoga and wellness tips

The wonderful thing about life is that everyone can decide what feels right to them in the areas of health & happiness. I’d love to help you embark on a journey of healthy living and I hope that some of what I share here can be implemented into your lifestyle.

HEALTHY LIVING… What does that even mean? It means taking care of your WHOLE self. Not just your physical self but your emotional and mental well-being too.

Do things that cultivate growth in each area of your life: For me, healthy living means lots of writing, gardening, and yummy foods.

Here’s my philosophy:

Feed your body + Feed your mind + Feed your soul.

(Healthy food & Yoga) + (Read/Write/Create) (Gardening & Meditation)

On this page, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips in the gardening world. After growing my little green garden, I’ll harvest all the yummy fruits, veggies, lettuces, and more to make some healthy recipes, which I’ll share here.

I’m also embarking on a writing journey, which I invite you to join! Look out for tips on how to start a book, how to write a poem, and how to create and implement a creative lifestyle.

It’s all the best things in one place. Welcome!

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